Les ailes d'Albâtre - ULM à Dieppe - Etretat -  Baie de Somme
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Les Ailes d'Albâtre
Microlights in Dieppe, tours in the Baie de Somme, Etretat, excursions...
Microlight in Dieppe
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Our aircraft   -  Flexwing microlight and gyrocoptere

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Flexwing microlight Dieppe - Normandy
Flexwing microlight is a motorized deltaplane that takes to the air by changing the aircraft centre of gravity through pitching and rolling. It provides a bird flying feeling. We fly a DTA Combo with a Diva sail.
gyrocopter Dieppe
Gyrocopter is a rotary wing aircraft that can fly even in high winds. It is close to 3-axis aircraft flying (pitch, roll and yaw). It offers incredible aerial shooting opportunities when in autorotation.
ulm autogire 3-axis microlight is a small airplane that offers side by side seating and has the same weight as other microlights. It flies as a plane (pitch, roll and yaw). A bubble canopy closes the aircraft entirely and offers a panoramic view. Its cruising speed is around 200 km/h (125 mph). We fly a Eurostar.