Les ailes d'Albâtre - ULM à Dieppe - Etretat -  Baie de Somme
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Les Ailes d'Albâtre
Microlights in Dieppe, tours in the Baie de Somme, Etretat, excursions...
Microlight in Dieppe

Les Ailes d'Albâtre

Flexwing microlight, gyrocopter, 3-axis microlight

Our company is based in Dieppe – Saint Aubin airfield. Les Ailes d'Albâtre («  The Alabaster Wings  ») offers a wide range of flexwing and gyrocopter flights : discover Dieppe, Etretat and its cliffs, the Baie de Somme, Arques-la-Bataille...

You can either fly for the first time or learn how to fly, take amazing aerial photos, on tours for 1 or 2 hours.

Les Ailes d'Albâtre invite you all year round for dreamy tours and so much more...

Information and booking :

Philippe Gallot : +33 6 21 74 64 02


microlight in Dieppe